Airbag Trailer Swingarm Complete


Trailer Airbag Swing Arm Complete Kit. Full DIY Swingarm Suspension kit to turn your trailer into air-ride, Rayeli Smart Track suspension arms (Left and Right) 5mm RHS construction

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This kit is ideal for turning a standard trailer into a full independent airbagged swing arm or if you are constructing a trailer from scratch this will simplify the process.
This kit will give you up-to 180mm lift!

      • 2 x Rayeli Smart Track suspension arms (Left and Right) 5mm RHS construction
      • 2 x Hubs rated at 749 KG each
      • 10 x wheel nuts
      • 6 x Hangers
      • 2 x BOSS 2600 Air Bags
      • 4 x Heim Joints rated at 2000KG each
      • 6 x 12mm Hanger Bolts
      • 2 x 2600 Bag Plates
      • 4 x Bag Plate lock Nuts
      • 8 x 15mm bushes
      • 2 x Gabriel Shock absorbers
      • 8 x Shock absorber spacers
      • 2 x Safety straps
      • 2 x 90 Degree Air Fittings
      • 5 x Metres of Air hose
      • 2 x schrader valves
      • 1 x schrader panel
      • 2 x bump stops
      • 2 x Angle Iron Bag Mounts
      • 12 x Countersunk bolts for top bag plate
      • 12 x Hex bolts for the bottom bag plate
      • 8 x 5/8” UNC Bolts with 8 nylock nuts
      • 4 x 1/2” UNC Bolts with 4 nylock nuts
      • 5 x 5/8” UNF Nuts
Thinking of going off road?
Would you like your trailer to ride as smoothly as a car?
Would you like to be able to adjust the height of your trailer for different loads?
Are you looking for versatile suspension for your new camper trailer?
Does your boat get the guts shaken out of it on the road?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions we have the right suspension system for you!

Rayeli have revolutionised Air bagged suspension for trailers, vans or just about anything you want to tow!

INTRODUCING Rayeli “True Track” independent airbags suspension swing arm kits.

These “easy fit” airbag suspension systems can be used in a huge number of applications and are easy to fit.

At Rayeli Air bagged Trailers we don’t just sell you some parts, we sell you the full DYI kit ready for installation. Complete with instructions and photos you can’t go wrong.

There are a few systems out there but none of them combine all these features in one package, just check this out

Our Heim joints are rated at 2.5 ton each
We use the worlds best Air bag “BOSS” rated at 1187Kg PER BAG with a 5 year warranty!
For extra ground clearance simply pump up the air bags above normal ride height for off road use.
Solid steel stub axles
Special 2 pack poly paint for durability
12 way adjustable BOSS shock absorber’s so you control the damper
Shock absorber protection Strap

Now here is the best news of all. We did our research of what is available in the market and we think consumers are paying too much so because we are the manufacturer we can pass some huge savings on to you. Take a look at our pricing and you will see you don’t have to settle for 2nd best because our kits are great value.

Enjoy the ride!

Boss Extreme series airbags are rated at 2600lb or 1181kg per side and have been government approved tested to over 750psi.

All Boss airbags are manufactured by us and are branded Boss. Beware of unbranded airbags, usually coming from China from other companies.
Average dual cab ute will run around 15-45psi depending on load.

Boss has sold over 15000 load assist kits in Australia, proven over time with 4WD enthusiasts, Mining companies, Tradies, 4WD Tour Operators as well as in Agricultural Vehicles, Trailers and motorhomes, limited only to your imagination.

To get the best performance from your kit inflate airbags just enough to achieve a level ride height. By doing this you are also allowing all of the suspension components to share the extra load of the vehicle and not putting any unnecessary pressure on any one individual part of your vehicles suspension.

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