Electronic Air Level Management System


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HKI Bluetooth Level Management System and Twin 12volt Air Compressors with a 5 port Aluminium Air tank.


This kit is an air package ideal for 4 corner air suspension installs where an engineered legal installation is required.
ECU based ride height management with 3 preset levels. Automatically returns to the “drive level” when the hand brake is released and can not be adjusted until the hand brake is activated again.

Using our specially modified HKI system and 2 of our PX06 12volt 1.8cfm 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressors for rapid refilling the 5 port tank ready for the next use.

    • 4 Level Sensors
    • Air control valve block
    • Wired Controller
    • Key fob Remote control
    • Phone App can be downloaded for Apple or Android
  • 2 x PX-06 12volt 100% Duty, 1.8cfm Air Compressors
  • 1 x AT-05  5 port Boss Aluminium Air Tank
  • 1 x 110-150psi Pressure Switch
  • 2 x Check Valves
  • 2 x Braided Hoses
  • 2 x Brass 1/4″ Bung
  • 4 x Brass 1/8″ Bung
  • 8 x Air Fittings
  • 1 x Drain Tap
  • 1 x Cone Silencer
  • 1 x Water Filter and Bracket
  • 1 x 50AMP Wiring Loom
  • 1 x 100% Duty Cycle Relay/Solenoid
  • 10m 1/4″ Air Line
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