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Boss Air Suspensions Famous Load Assist Kits

Boss-AirbagsBOSS Load assist kits are unique in their technology of utilizing the bracket as the end cap for the air bag.

This unique process is the key to BOSS Load Assist kits ability to fit into difficult spaces where bump-stop distance is critical.

Without the restriction of top and bottom bolts enables an unlimited flexibility in the applications in which they can be used.

Other companies that piece together kits with bags from here, brackets from there are restricted to what they are given, that is a compromise, not a solution.

Manufacturing our own bags, brackets, compressors, tanks and even the stainless steel bolts to attach the bags, allows BOSS Air Suspension an unparallel advantage over any competition.

Boss Air Compressors - The Worlds Fastest

Everyone wants the fastest, the biggest, the most reliable 12 Volt Air Compressors but at the right price!
How’s 170 Litres per minute for fast? Other popular 12 volt air compressors just don't stack up to the BIG BOSS compressor. Make sure the alternator is up to the task because the bigger the compressor the more amps it will need! BOSS 12volt air compressors do not require oil. The designs are quick and easy to mount. Engine driven compressors available upon request, brackets are up to the installer. Please note: A suitable circuit breaker must be used for protecting your 12 volt air compressor, along with a check valve to prevent air back flow. Do not oil these compressors. Do not exceed maximum pressure 200psi.

Compressed air when you need it

Boss Air Suspension’s On Board Air Kits are a great accessory for any vehicle, whether you need to inflate your tires after going off road or you need to fill your load assist air bags to level your vehicle, we have a kit that will fit all purposes. Also great for commercial applications like mobile workshops with the convenience of being able to run a myriad of pneumatic tools like air ratchet guns, air blowers or fast tyre inflation when the availability of a 240 volt power supply is not available at the location.

T6 Heat Treated Aluminium Tanks

BOSS manufactures lightweight T6 heat treated aluminium air tanks, with a range of tank sizes, port configurations and port sizes. Our tanks are rust free, providing clean air for valves. All 9L (3 gallon) and 15L (5 gallon) tanks can be mounted in 3 angles - on end, upright, or upside down and still keep drain port at bottom with our unique design. Mounting legs included. Shot blasted anodized or chrome finish. Recommended working pressure 0-170psi. Maximum pressure 400psi. Sizes range from 2 litres through to 15 litres with extruded centre section and stamped ends.

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