Aluminium Air Tank 5 Gallon 5 Port (Bare – No Fittings)


Aluminium airtank 5 port silver 5 Gallon (approx 15 litres) L750mm x H220mm x W180mm


Aluminium air tank 5 port 5 Gallon (approx 15 litres)

No join extruded centre section for improved safety.

Ability to mount in endless configurations, spin the barrel so the drain valve is always facing the bottom.

Adjust the width to fit different mounting points

Shot Blasted, Anodised & T6 Heat Treated

Recommended working pressure is 0 – 170psi. While maximum pressure is 400psi

  • 5 port 5 gallon 15ltr Aluminium Air Tank
  •  L750mm x H220mm x W180mm

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
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