Street Cruiser Airforce


Twin 12volt Air Compressors with a 5 port Aluminium Air tank.


This kit is an air package ideal for Lowriders, Mini trucks, and all other air suspension installs.
Using 2 of our PX06 12volt 1.8cfm 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressors for rapid refilling the 9 port tank ready for the next use.
2 x PX-06 12volt 100% Duty, 1.8cfm Air Compressors
1 x AT-05  5 port Boss Aluminium Air Tank
1 x 110-150psi Pressure Switch
2 x Check Valves
2 x Braided Hoses
1 x Brass 1/4″ Bung
1 x Drain Tap
Instruction Sheet

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