Wireless Remote Airbag Inflation Kit PX01


Remote control, compressor and valve for simple Load Assist Kit inflation.


This Wireless Remote kit is used to control Boss Load Assist Kits or airbag suspension from inside or outside your cab without the need for gauges and switches installed in the cab.
Simple installation with control of airbags UP and down using our PX01 compressor. Comes with 4 channel remote controller.

Operation – Depress either up button to even up and inflate both bags together, depress Left down button to deflate Left bag and Right down button to deflate Right bag.

    • 1 x PX-01 12V BOSS Air Compressor
    • 1x 4 channel remote controller
    • 2 x 4 button remote controls
    • 2 x Boss Mini 12v air valves with fittings
    • 5 meters of 1/4” J844 DOT Airbrake line
    • 1 x 1/4” push connect Y check valve
    • 4 x T Connectors
    • 10 x Cable Ties
    • 1 x tube sealant
    • Instruction Sheet
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