airbag range

Boss AirBag Range

2500 triple airbag

2500 Triple Airbag Extreme Series 2

1136KG 0 - 160psi Working Pressure

2500 double airbag

2500 Double Airbag Extreme Series 2

1136KG 0 - 160psi Working Pressure

2600 triple airbag

2600 Triple Airbag

1181KG 0 - 160psi Working Pressure

2600 double airbag

2600 Double Airbag

1181KG 0 - 160psi Working Pressure


The Benchmark In Air Bag Technology

At BOSS we’re transparent - We provide you with leading air suspension technology, and details of construction, enabling you to make a sound decision.

Quality is paramount to us, therefore we infuse our DNA onto every air bag - genuine BOSS air bags are branded with our trademark, proving you have a genuine BOSS air bag, and guaranteeing your extensive Australasian warranty.
Over 15,000 Australian customers’ already know how robust and reliable our air bags and kits are.
Don’t run with products that have not stood the test of time with a limited history - it’s not worth the risk!

What Makes Our Air Bags So good?

The proprietary ballistic material used for the woven reinforcing on the airbag wall, along with the specific spacing and angle of the weave, is what gives our air bag its’ unique strength.
The bead ring ends of the bag is constructed of 4 Hi-tensile cords at each end, ensuring that the top and bottom hold their shape and can’t be pulled away from the Aluminium clamping ring.
The center of the air bag (the part of the bag with the most stress) is constructed using 9 strands of Hi-Tensile steel to form an indestructible center support.
Our computer aided lamination process, with an exclusive ribbed inside texture, ensures seamless molding lessening the possibility of failure.
BEWARE: Some other brands use crimped-on end caps. Crimped or “Banded” air bags are prone to popping the end caps out at anything over 100psi and often simply pull the end caps out when the bag is fully extended like when the wheel drops into a hole or off a curb.

We Don’t Just Tell You, We Show You

BOSS Air Suspension air bags are manufactured in our very own factory to our specifications. Built tough for Australasian conditions.
Many other companies piece together air bag kits, they source their air bags from offshore suppliers having no control over the quality of the product, Chinese air bags, although they look good quickly deteriorate and the factories don’t enforce strict quality control like BOSS do. As a result this leads to inconsistency in the manufacturing process. That’s why they are NOT branded!
BOSS Air bags did the opposite and invested time and money in setting up our own equipment and manufacturing practices.

10yrs Of Manufacturing Our Own Air Bags

In 2005 BOSS commissioned it’s own premises for air bag manufacturing. Over the years we’ve been able to make adjustments in our processes to produce a truly unique air bag, both in performance and durability, and not available anywhere in Australasia.
Innovative “Cord angle weaving” and “multi strand strengthening” produce an airbag that can exceed 600psi in hydrostatic testing, and over 480psi in “shock pressure” testing, which is the most brutal test that can be done. This testing far exceeds the specification of any other air bag on the market.

Assuring The Best Air Bag Manufacture

Every BOSS airbag is manufactured with our own equipment using a unique proprietary blend of Natural Rubber, Hi-tensile steel cords and Ballistic woven reinforcing.
The 17 hi-tensile rings are formed, and the natural rubber with the ballistic weave is placed around a mold, ready for high temperature and high pressure curing.
An internal bladder is then placed inside the raw air bag, before the whole assembly is placed into our molding machine for 20 minutes.
This machine creates the shape, cures the natural rubber, and creates a consistent thickness.
The internal bladder is inflated at this time to over 500psi while the heat curing process is taking place.
Once the airbag has taken it’s new form it’s removed from the mold and left to cool naturally.


Strength & Specifications

  • Support Wires - 9 High Tensile Central, 4 Each End
  • Cured Natural rubber
  • Ballistic woven reinforcing
  • 6mm Zinc Plated Steel End Caps
  • Burst Pressure - Over 600psi
  • Independent Test Pressure - 480psi
  • Recommended working range - 5psi - 160psi
  • BOSS air bags have a recommended test pressure of 480psi. That meets the pressure vessel industry guidelines of 3 times the maximum working pressure.
  • BOSS air bags are undeniably the strongest in the automotive industry and exceed any other airbag brands by nearly double.
  • When BOSS air bags are utilised in the load assist applications it’s virtually impossible to pull the bags apart. Since BOSS started manufacturing it’s own air bags in 2005, we have never had an airbag fail from bursting.

BOSS Extreme Series 2 Air Bags Now Released!

All you need to know about what makes BOSS air bags so good. Do other companies explain about there air bags?


Boss air bag

Leading The Way in Airbag Sealing Technology

BOSS also leads the way in bag sealing technology utilising forged ring and stamped top-plate assemblies to ensure long life and removing the possibility of leaking often found on "steel-crimp" style airbags. BOSS bags are tested to pressures exceeding 750psi by independent testing agencies which ensures BOSS has some of the safest, if not THE safest airbags on the market today.

BOSS Airbag Machine

BOSS Extreme Series 2 Airbags

BOSS Extreme series air bags are the benchmark in competition air suspension systems. Laboratory tested in Australia to over 750psi (working pressure 0-160psi) make the extreme series BOSS airbags the choice for safety and performance. Available in #2500 double bellow, #2600 double bellow and #2600 triple bellow configurations. BOSS manufactured air bags come with the best warranty in the business. If the bag should fail due to manufacturing abnormalities they will be replaced free of charge.

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