Boss Air Suspension For Australian Vehicles.

Boss Air Suspension's On Board Air Kits are a great accessory for any vehicle, whether you need to inflate your tyres after going off road or you need to fill your load assist bags to level your vehicle.

BOSS Air Suspensions 12 and 24V Air Compressors are the industry leader. They use the latest technology to deliver compressors that perform tirelessly for many years of service.

Perfect for when you already have a compressor and just need to add a tank and accessories. They are available in many different sizes.

Load Assist Kit LA-08


BOSS load assist kits are easy to fit and most simply bolt on using basic hand tools. When filled with air, raise the rear end ( when under load) to make the vehicle level again making the vehicle safer when loaded by keeping the front wheels in contact with the road, eliminating sway and improving cornering ( wet or dry). Full "On Board Air " control kits can be added to all load assist kits as well.
Key Benefits -
  • Enable vehicles to cope with uneven or heavy loads
  • Helps maintain control of loaded vehicle




Leading the way in Air Suspension Technology.

Why choose BOSS Air Bags?

Leading the way in bag sealing technology utilising forged rings and stamped top-plate assemblies to ensure long life. Removing the possibility of leaking airbags often found on steel-crimp style airbags.

Quality Control

One bag in every 100 is pressure tested to destruction within a controlled chamber. BOSS bags are tested to pressures exceeding 750psi by independent testing agencies. Which ensures BOSS has some of the safest, if not THE safest airbags on the market today.

Technically Advanced Construction

BOSS air-bags are manufactured using the most technically advanced machinery. They are tested far beyond any possible real use scenario.

Made by BOSS

In 2005 BOSS commissioned its own premises for air bag manufacturing. Over the years we've been able to make adjustments in out processes to produce a truly unique air bag. Both in performance and durability.

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