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I have been meaning to thank you for an outstanding product. The 76 series Land Cruiser we fitted with Boss Air Suspension now rides exceptionally well. It doesn't jump about at the back end on corrugations at any speed. The rear suspension on this vehicle would go into an annoying resonance at lower speeds over corrugations. Unfortunately this seemed to be around the speed that my partner was comfortable with .While trying to dodge our euros, kangaroos and yellow footed rock wallabies. Now it is a blissful ride and much better handling!

I haven't done much experimenting. But 30 PSI has brought the back up to where it should be and can be easily adjusted for differing loads. We have just had the annual bus inspection carried out by the government inspector and he said, as you did. "that there are no issues having the airbags on the vehicles as an addition to normal suspension."


The air bags fitted to my Fiat Motorhome are working a treat. I haven't yet had the need to alter the air pressure (60psi) after installation. At that pressure the vehicle tow bar did not scrape the road upon entering my driveway. Even from new it had always scraped the road at that point.


This system was fitted on the rear of a Toyota 4wd Hilux (Tacoma) Motorhome. It improved ride and stability, levelling. However most importantly took the jarring out of the corrugated roads, potholes, and rough tracks. We have travelled up Cape York, across central Australia and upto to Arnhemland.


This is my 5th set of Boss Air Bags on my companies vehicles and all have been easy to fit. They have also worked for the life of the ute. The ones just purchased are new Colorado.They replaced an older Rodeo that has 350K on the clock and the air bags are still good!


I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent service, help and fantastic product. Thank you for such a great product! A must have!


In Jan 2010 I fitted BOSS airbag assist from you to my 2004 Hilux motorhome. I had splendid customer service from your office. They have been excellent ever since. They have given a stable ride across 12 deserts. The Canning Stock Route and the CREB track and many, many other difficult off-roads. They have undoubtedly stopped damage to fitted (and not fitted!) equipment inside. Including eggs in the fridge! Also it has softened the ride on 1000s of Kms of corrugated roads. Well done, great product! I have been recommending them to all since. I now have a 2015 Mazda BT50 4x4 to which I will be ordering your airbags



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