BOSS Air Suspension Frequently Asked Questions

Load Assist Install

Yes. Most of our kits require no drilling unlike others and require only simple hand tools, a jack and Axle Stands.

No. We will warranty the kits if you are not a mechanic unlike our competition.

Not if you don't overload your vehicle and have Shocks/ Springs in good condition.

0-150psi max but generally in a Load Assist install you will have them set from 5-50psi

Once a week should be suficient.

Per side, our 2500 Extreme series are rated to 1136kg, Our 2600 Extreme series are rated to 1186kg well in excess of most GV weights

Usually around 2 1/2 hours

No. This will often cause leaks. Our airbags are designed to clamp together and rubber is squashed into bead ring making an airtight seal.

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Aluminium Air Tanks

Aluminium Tanks don't rust like steel tanks and will not end up fowling airlines, air valves etc with rust debris.

The other benifit of Aluminium Airtanks is they are light weight.

The centre ports on all our tanks are 3/8"NPT ideal for most compressor hoses and the rest are 1/4"NPT

Maximum Pressure of 400psi, but recommended pressure of 0-170psi

Very Strong, you will notice that there are no seems along the body of our tanks like others, they are a one piece extrusion that is then robot welded to the pressed end caps.

Having removable  feet gives infinite adjustment when mounting. You are able to mount the feet where possible and rotate the cylinder around so you can have the drain port at its lowest point. You can also slide the feet horizontally to align mounting points.

Boss Airbags

Air Airbags have a burst pressure of over 600psi so the chances of bursting are very slim! In the construction of our Airbags the rubber has a Ballistic Woven Reinforcing layer added for unparalleled strength as well as Hi-Tensile steel cords.

Check the specs here.

  • 2500 double = 65mm-210mm width = 155mm (widest when fully compressed)
  • 2600 double = 65mm-240mm width = 190mm (widest when fully compressed)
  • 2503 triple = 85mm-335mm width = 155mm (widest when fully compressed)
  • 2603 triple = 75mm-329mm width = 190mm (widest when fully compressed)

Manufactured in our own factory to our specifications. Built tough for Australasian conditions and guaranteeing you quality with a 5 year warranty.

More Details Here.


0-160psi max but generally in a Load Assist install you will have them set from 5-50psi


We have 12v and 24v  versions of out  PX06 and PX07 compressors. We also can supply 12v or 24v relays for them

All our compressors are fully rebuildable and BOSS carries spare parts for them all in Australia

All BOSS compressors are oilless and don't require any servicing other than general maintenance

Yes. Due to them being oilless, you can run them upside down, verticle or any way you choose.

Boss recommends negative switching the Boss compressors due to reducing the current draw

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