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Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension


Arnotts stylish new rebound adjustable FOX® Air Suspension System has been custom designed for popular motorcycle models. Including the HD Touring series to give the rider superior control, additional ride comfort settings and fast ride height adjustability.

The FOX shock's custom valving, designed specifically for your motorcycle provides you with a safe and comfortable ride. Arnott's patents-pending kit offers TruAIR technology with a rugged air spring bladder and shock damper design. Not an air cylinder or air-assisted unit. For added ride comfort this kit includes FOX's adjustable rebound control dial. So you can quickly and easily adjust your shocks' internal damping characteristics. A feature not found elsewhere in the air suspension market.


Conventional spring and shock tuning can be tedious and time-consuming. Taking days or even weeks. With Arnott's onboard adjustability, tuning air suspension to your individual taste often is reduced to just a few minutes.


Arnott air suspension kits are fully adjustable based on height and weight. So riders can rest flat-footed while stopped. Enjoy a more comfortable ride on long distance runs, riding two-up, or with luggage.


Coupled with Arnott onboard adjustability, setting your suspension according to specific driving condition is quicker and faster, improving overall ride.

Motorcycle Air Suspension

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