Aluminium Air Tanks

1 Piece Non Rust Aluminium

No join extruded centre for improved safety. Providing Clean air for valving & fittings.


1/4"NPT Port

Aluminium Airtank cutaway

Quality Finish

Shot Blasted, Anodised & T6 Heat Treated


3/8"NPT Port

Adjustable Mounting Legs

Ability to mount in endless configurations, spin the barrel so the drain valve is always facing the bottom, adjust the width to fit different mounting points!

Boss Manufactures lightweight T6 heat treated aluminium air tanks, with a range of tank sizes, port configurations and port sizes. Furthermore our tanks are rust free, providing clean air for valves. Also all 9L (3 gallon) & 15L (5 gallon) tanks can be mounted in 3 angles. On end, upright or upside down and still keep drain port at bottom with our unique design. Mounting legs included. Shot based anodized or chrome finish. Also recommended working pressure is 0 - 170psi. While maximum pressure is 400psi. Sizes range from 2 litres through to 15 litres with extruded centre section and stamped ends.

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