12volt Air Compressor

PX07 12 Volt Air Compressor

3/4 HP

Maximum Pressure 200psi

12volt Air Compressor

PX02 12 Volt Air Compressor

1/4HP, 1.5cfm free flow rate

Maximum Pressure 200psi


Air Suspension Compressors

BOSS Air Suspensions 12 & 24 Volt air compressors are the industry leader.

We designed and began manufacturing our range of air compressors after trying many other brands only to be let down time and time again. Performance of other brand compressors are sometimes impressive however they wear out quickly and take longer and longer to recover your air needs, that's if they re-start under load!

BOSS Air Compressors use the latest technology to deliver compressors that perform tirelessly for many years of service.

The PX-02 12V Compressor was designed for filling small air tanks or more importantly the BOSS in-cab air kits where the bags are directly filled from the compressor.

The PX-07 is the Killer of all compressors and boasts an impressive 3.5cfm flow rate and 100% duty cycle. We even carry all the parts should you need to refresh the performance after a few years of hard use. It finds itself in anything from Lowriders, 4x4 vehicles, industrial equipment and roadside service.

Boss 12v Compressors


Everyone wants the fastest, the biggest, the most reliable 12V Air Compressors but at the right price!

Other popular 12 volt air compressors just don't stack up to the BIG BOSS compressor. Make sure the alternator is up to the task because the bigger the compressor the more amps it will need! BOSS 12V air compressors do not require oil!
The designs are quick and easy to mount. Engine driven compressors available upon request, brackets are up to the installer.

12v Air Compressors

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