Capricorn Prefered Supplier

Capricorn Preferred Supplier

ARE YOU A CAPRICORN MEMBER ? If the answer is yes. WOW is there some great news for you ! You can now use your Capricorn Account at BOSS Air Suspension. Many of you have been asking us for some time if you can use your Capricorn Account when buying from us and we listened.
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Mahindra Load Assist Kit

Mahindra Load Assist Kit released

Now available is our latest Load Assist kit for the Mahindra 2015 plus Pik-Up Dual Cab Using our 2500 extreme series airbags with powder coated 6mm steel bracketry.. No drill simple install backed by our Australia wide 5 year warranty.
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DOT Air Suspension Fittings

Air Fitting Failures

Avoid air fitting failures and follow these simple instructions! One of the problems that can be experienced in an on board air system or air bag system install is leaking fittings, valves and other components. Lets start by saying that dust, grit and dirt are not an air systems best friend. It doesn’t take much
Melted Compressor Wires
Checking for a proper ground connection could be the answer.   Why is my compressor sluggish or not working properly ?  This is a question we receive from time to time and generally the answer is the same :  ITS ALL ABOUT VOLTAGE DROP ! The best example of voltage drop you may relate to
Nylon Tube Cutter

Free Nylon Tube Cutter

Its Back!! Receive a free tube cutter with all Load Assist orders for the month of November* valued at $15.95 Ideal for use with small-bore flexible tubing like the 1/4″ diameter type found in our Boss Load Assist Kits and Onboard Air Systems. Features Suitable for cutting up to 1/2″ diameter flexible plastic tubing Clean square cut every
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12v Compressor Wiring Loom Mess

Compressor Wiring Looms Released

For some time BOSS has been hard at work to bring you top quality products that set us apart from our competitors. We are excited to release the BOSS wiring loom product suite ! The new professional easy install wiring looms make it really easy to install our range of quality compressors and you can
Afterpay- Buy Now- Pay Later

Afterpay Now Available

You asked for it and we have done it!  Many of our prospective customers have asked us if we can do lay-by or other means of payment systems rather than all up front cash, so after looking at many alternatives we can now offer you “AFTERPAY”. This is a game changer and as the name
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One Way Valve

How to Check a Check Valve

The best way to check the CHECK Valve is to disconnect the compressor side of the check valve after filling the air tank. Then use soapy water to see if it is bleeding back from the check valve. If it is, take it out of the system and physically look at it and test it
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