New Dodge Ram 1500 Kit

Adapted for Australian Conditions We are pleased to announce the new improved LA-73 Load Assist Kit for the Dodge Ram 1500. This kit has been adapted from the US designed LA-70 kit to better meet the requirements of Australian Dodge Ram owners. The previous kit used the larger diameter 2600 series Airbags and could cause
As part of our continuing development and improvement programme, we have released a new Load Assist Kit for the Isuzu Dmax RG. A new redesigned low profile top bracket for standard height vehicles has been put in to the LA-41 kit with the original top bracket now in the new LA-47 kit. The original LA-41
VE-VF Commodore Air Suspension
Boss Air Suspension has been appointed a Dealer for D2 Racing’s fantastic range of aftermarket air suspension. These systems are designed to replace the standard struts and springs in a range of modern cars with a high quality, performance adjustable, shock absorber and air springs. Aimed at the custom car market, these systems let you
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Our Load Assist Kits are In Stock

The COVID Pandemic has cause all sorts of problems in global supply chains, manufacturing and shipping. Many companies are having difficulties getting enough stock to meet demand. In some instances customers are having to wait months to get their orders filled. We’ve had a small number of issues over the past year, and are currently
We have a new top bracket for the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 (pre 2021). The new bracket is designed to make the installation of the kit much easier and faster. Rather than wrap around the chassis rail like the old top bracket did, the new one clamps either side with 4 bolts. We found

Assisting a Fiat Ducato Camper Van

A customer came to see us with a problem. His Fiat Ducato Camper Van was sitting a bit low in the rear. The drivers side has a push out section and the weight caused the camper to sit even lower on that side. The sag was worse when the side was extended. The solution was

Ranger Raptor Kit Test Feedback

Adam was kind enough to be the guinea pig for our new Raptor kit. He brought is Raptor back in today after his trip away. We took some photos and had a chat to him about how it performed on his trip. This is what he had to say: “I had the New Ford Ranger
Nylon Tube Cutter

Common cause of leaks

One of the most common causes of leaks in an Airbag Load Assist installation is poorly cut air lines. Air lines need to be cut off squarely and cleanly with no barbs that can damage the o’rings in the push fittings. You should never cut air line with Side Cutters or anything that could squash
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