Bag Over Strut Bare ST-12-20


2.0″ body / 0.85″ shaft airplate shock 12/20 painted install as strut or bag over 305mm shock body = small front wheel drive cars and new coilover style pickups

  • Add our entry level Airmax FBSS Air Management Kit system to give you air and manual control or our Electronic Air Level Management System for automated ride level management with 3 pre-set heights, twin compressors, tank, fittings etc. 

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The only truly “easy to use” universal “bag over” strut. BOSS “bag over” struts suit virtually any strut equipped car, Clevis mount, loop /loop or pin/loop fitments. We offer 5 lengths, all providing 10 position dampening. 22mm chromed shaft with a 50mm shock body enables any clevis or loop to be installed at the bottom or top.

  • Built strong and safe with pre welded bag plate.
  • Use in any coil-over or McPherson strut application where space prevails.
  • Able to have clevis or Ball mount welded directly to heavy wall shock body and with the bag mount already welded to the shock before assembly enables a wide range of vehicles to be covered.
  • Top 22mm shaft features a female thread to enable any combination of top mounting.
  • 10 position adjustable dampening is standard on all boss struts
  • BOSS struts use U lipped seals for an airtight fit over strut shaft.
  • 2500 BOSS bag compatible
  • 50mm diameter strut body for easy compatibility
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