Unimog Mercedes Benz 4Way Diff Gearbox Transfer Breather Kit


4 Way Diff Gearbox Transfer Breather kit suitable for Mercedes Benz UNIMOG. Australian made remote diff breather kits by HKB

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As a recreational off roader there is bound to be tracks you come across with stream or river crossings and even more common mud or bog holes. For these occasions we fit snorkels to our vehicles to allow our engines to still get clean air even in the deepest holes or crossings.
Many people forget that there differentials, gearboxes and transfer cases all have breathers as well and can be as low as the centre of your wheels which get easily submerged in the shallowest of holes or a partially flooded road let alone a river crossing.
HKB Performance full driveline and diff breather kits are a cost effective way to safe guard and also reduce the service costs to the expensive driveline components of your pride and joy.
One of the most extreme times for your four wheel drives driveline is when off road or crossing water. Your driveline being at operating temperature when suddenly dropped in a mud or water hole the driveline housings get cooled rapidly which can cause a suction of air through the breather, at this point it is submerged in either mud or water which inturn gets sucked into the housings and mixed with the oil lubricating these parts.
HKB remote driveline breather kits are designed to extend the breathing point of your differentials, transfer case and gearbox to an area where water shall not reach such as the highest point in the engine bay, cabin or even inside your snorkel.

This kit will extend both differentials, transfer case and gearbox. (this is a big bore kit)

This kit contains:

  • one heavy duty stainless steel fixture
  • four high flow breathers
  • four female chrome plated push fittings
  • four male push fittings
  • four brass adaptors
  • twelve metres large bore tubing
  • twelve cable ties
  • two stainless steel screws
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