Trailer axle and chassis air bag mounting bracket


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This bracket has been designed be welded onto the front or rear of a square axle for either of Boss Air bag complete #2500 or #2600 bag complete kit to be bolted onto.
The same bracket can be welded onto a framing section to support the top mounting of the air bag.
With the brackets welded on the axle and frame and when the trailer is sitting at level ride height, measure between the mounting surfaces to choose correct bag to fill the gap.
Below are the different Air bag heights
BAG-2500 COMP – sitting @ level ride height of 140-150mm
BAG-2600 COMP – sitting @ level ride height of 160-180mm

Note – Must choose the correct matching bag with gap between the mounting surfaces when the vehicle is at level ride height.
Will need x4 brackets for a single axle trailer.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 60 cm
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