Audi B6 B7 A4 Airbag Suspension Kit

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Full Audi B6 B7 A4 Front and Rear Air Bag Suspension kit.

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Audi B6 B7 A4 Airbag Suspension Kit complete front and back air suspension struts/ bags. (just need control, compressor and air tank system.)


32-level adjustable Damping

This allows you the ability to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer (counterclockwise) or stiffer (clockwise) by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way. 

Threaded & adjustable shock mounts

Adding further tuning of your ride height at any pressure setting . You have the ability to adjust mount just like coilover kits. You can use this to set the ride high for normal driving at a pressure that delivers your desired handling and comfort. The air system can adjust up and down from here. 

 High Pressure Double Bellows Airbag Progressive Rate Spring

Engineered and designed to match your vehicle, slim double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle has. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides. Higher pressure = stiffer ride. Lower pressure = softer ride. Each car is different and it may take some time to dial in your preferred settings.

High Performance Shock Absorbers

Every air strut kit comes with high quality shocks that have internal valving setting to accommodate changes in airbag pressure.

12 Month Limited Warranty
Warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase which covers manufacturer defects

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