Articulation Kit for Air Bypass Airbag Suspension


Airbag Articulation Kit for 4×4 use, bag to bag air bypass kit for off-road use only.


With a simple switch to turn on the bag to bag air bypass, you can now extend your BOSS load assist kit when 4 wheel driving to give you upward wheel travel and increased droop or downward travel.

This is achieved by our valve being manually opened or closed opening the airlines between the left and right side airbags. Now the air can move freely between the 2 airbags.

Ideal for rocky 4 wheel drive terrain.


Kit comes with:

1 x Ball Valve with 1/4″ Push-lock Fittings

2 x 1/4″ push-lock T pieces

2 mtrs of DOT approved 1/4″ Air Line

Warning – This kit should only be activated when in an off road environment and not for speeds in excess of 10KPH

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