Twin Diff Breather Kit


HKB breather kits move the suction point up high above the water line just like a snorkel.

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Another quality BOSS product.Comes with the following

1 x Stainless Steel Laser Cut Facia

2 x 1/8” Cone Silencer

2 x 5/16” x 1/8” thread brass tail

4 x 1/2”OD Tube Clip

8mtrs EPDM rubber hose.

10 x 130mm zip ties

2 x 3/4” Tek Screws for mounting facia.

This kit is made from quality materials.

EPDM rubber is SAE-J-200 Spec heat and weather resistant,

This allows it to carry more aggressive hydrocarbon based products at higher temperatures than standard NBR and SBR


The breathers are -porous polyethylene silencers

Water Resistant

Rated to 145 psi and -15 – 100 deg C

Filtration threshold 75 micron

When drivetrain assemblies such as your vehicle’s differentials, gearbox and transfer case heat up under normal operation, the air inside expands and increases pressure. To vent this additional pressure, most factory differentials have a one way valve mounted to either the assembly itself, or on a short extension tube close by.

Unfortunately, when the drivetrain assembly cools down, the air inside contracts, creating a vacuum. When cooling occurs during a water crossing, these one way valves can draw water into the system, potentially causing expensive damage.

The BOSS Differential Breather Kit is designed to provide a high flow, zero back pressure, zero vacuum breather system to keep your drivetrain free of water. This is achieved with a central mounted manifold that will allow up two drivetrain assemblies to be vented to one central location, positioned high enough to avoid water during crossings.

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